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A pair of headphone sleeve sponge sleeve earmuffs

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A pair of headphone sleeve sponge sleeve earmuffs

A pair of headphone sleeve sponge sleeve earmuffs

$9.88 USD

This earmuff is suitable for studio 2.0 sound engineer second generation/Studio wireless Bluetooth version earphone sleeve.

The earphone cover also comes with two double-sided adhesive stickers to prevent the sticking from being loose. It is very intimate and does not require additional stickers.

Made of high-quality protein skin + high-quality memory foam, soft and comfortable. Welcome to wholesale! !

How to disassemble and assemble the earmuffs of the second generation sound engineer
[How to remove earmuffs]
Gently pull the leather of the earmuffs out, and you will find that there is a whole plastic plate under the leather. The plastic plate and earmuffs are integrated. There is a layer of double-sided tape between the plastic plate and the earphone unit. You can use a thin card such as a bank card to push it into the gap, and then rotate it bit by bit. After gradually separating this layer of double-sided tape, the whole The earmuffs are all down.
[How to install earmuffs]

There are several protruding buckles on the shell of the earphone unit. The earmuffs are connected to the earphone by the double-sided tape and several buckles. The buckles play a role in fixing the position, and the adhesion mainly depends on the double-sided tape of the earmuffs. . After the old earmuffs come out. Please carefully clean the contact surface of the double-sided tape. If you don't clean it, the new earmuffs will not stick firmly, so remember. After cleaning. Tear off the double-sided tape of the new earmuffs. Align a few buckles (several protrusions) on them, and then press for one minute to get it done.

The rubber ring on the back of the earmuffs is upgraded to a red rubber ring. The stickiness is relatively better. Pros can rest assured to buy.